Because of coronavirus Covid-19, the economy has tanked and many are losing their jobs. People that I personally know have been laid off or let go from their positions.  They were hoping they would be spared from it but the inevitable happened. 

A couple of years ago, I was let go from a job and I did not see it coming. There was no warning, whatsoever, and I was getting complimented left and right from other people within and outside the organization. When I was let go, I was so devastated and I want to offer you some sympathy and let you know that I know how hard it is. It's a big disappointment and hard to come to terms with. 

You work hard, do your best and go above and beyond your call of duty but still, that did not help with retaining your job. I've been there. I worked so hard, scrambled to find daycare for both of my little ones and my pay was only enough to cover for my childcare costs and nothing more; and through all of those hurdles, it was still out of my control and they said my position was eliminated and I was let go. Even though it was almost 2 years ago, I am sad when I think about why they did what they did. I think it's because I had a feeling that my boss was feeling intimidated by my tremendous efforts and even another person in my department had wanted me to take over her position while she was going through chemotherapy, literally a week before I was let go. I know people in the organization knew of my capabilities but the only person who can let me keep my job is my boss. If your boss is not on your side, then what can you do, right? Even the Director of Human Resources showed such remorse for letting me go. It was like she didn't want me to go but my boss must have pulled some strings for this. HR extended my free gym membership for another year, a perk for having a city job, so that I may continue to use the facility even after I was no longer working for them. I guess she was trying to make herself feel better from the guilt she's feeling. What made it even harder for me to understand was why did the Director of HR have so much guilt letting me go while my boss just wanted to get it overwith. My boss could not look me in the eye and they still wanted me to continue to help them with a theatre event that very weekend. It all didn't make sense to me. It was so strange and I'm sure you had felt strange when you were being let go from a position that you cared so much for.

It's hard to not take it personally but you need to pull through. You need to try to think as many positive thoughts as you can because depression can easily take over and affect you and your loved ones. You might think, why was I let go but that Joe Smith was not? You might think, did my boss have beef with me and I didn't know until I was let go? You might think that Joe Smith was allowed to stay in the organization and you were let go because you were not capable enough. Do not think like that. If there is room for improvement regardless of whether you lost your job or not, then the right route to take is do some self-improvement for yourself and your future. Learn something new, find a new organization or club to be a part of so you can improve your team building skills. Have fun with it. Take this time to unwind, reflect and be open-minded about it.

Think of the things and gifts that you currently have: your partner, or children or even hobbies. Do more of the things that you love. I know it's hard to go outside during this pandemic but maybe you can pick up a new hobby, like painting at home or taking an online class. Keep yourself productive. Work out at home or participate in some volunteer work. Do things to keep you motivated about life and stay active, physically and intellectually. 

Hang in there, guys. I'm not going to say you'll feel better soon because it's something that you will remember and take with you. Just hang in there. We'll get through it. This is a humbling experience if you've never been let go before. It will give you so many relatable attributes that you've never identified with before. Just remember, this is a hard time that we are all going through. This pandemic is affecting many people. Some lost their loved ones. Try to think about what you have that others don't: like health, love and peace. Don't get yourself into a dark place. It is healthy to mourn the loss of an identity that you had as a worker but as you've heard before, your job does not define you as a human being. The quality of a person is defined by how good of a person you are; your moral compass, compassion and how you can offer a helping hand or ear to those less fortunate than you. Find someone who cares about you and who will not dampen your spirits because if you're around a leechy person, that can put you in a darker place. I know because I have a family member who is extremely toxic. Steer clear of the toxic people, reflect on yourself and if you're on unemployment, it's okay. Don't feel guilt. We paid our taxes for emergencies and downfalls like this.

And from experience, If you're eligible, don't delay the unemployment application. The process can take awhile if they are backed up. Stay motivated!