As I'm getting more familiar with finding things that are gluten-free and dairy-free for a family member, I feel so fortunate that San Luis Obispo is so understanding on dietary needs at restaurants and grocery stores. I think if I were in a different town, in a different state, it would be very different and difficult journey.

Here's a list of grocery stores that I've found have gluten-free snacks in San Luis Obispo County so far:

  1. California Fresh Market - This is my number one place. I feel like when I am looking up recipes for wheat substitutions, I can always rely on California Fresh Market to find random things like arrowroot powder and gluten-free pasta. These substitutions can be pricey, however.

    They also carry a lot of vegan options like vegan butter, and other vegan snacks for those who are on a plant-based diet. Pro-tip: find gluten free bread in the freezer section! Our favorite snacks there for our family member who has to stay away from gluten are cookies by a brand called Enjoy Life
  2. VONS - Amazingly, VONS also offer an array of different gluten-free vegan snacks as well. Best of all, you can usually find one in most cities in San Luis Obispo County.
  3. CVS - I know this seems like such a random place here on my top 3 places for gluten-free snacks but I've found this one particular brand called MADE GOOD that has these amazing granola snacks that are individually wrapped and I've only been able to only find them at CVS. It's free from nuts, gluten-free and organic. These are great to carry on the go. I find it very hard to find boxes of vegan or gluten-free snacks that have them individually wrapped inside. This is especially important if you want to make sure you're giving the correct snacks to kids who are allergic to particular food items.

Local San Luis Obispo Vegan or Plant-based Products:

  1. We've found a frozen dessert company recently that creates dairy-free ice cream and uses coconut milk instead of cow's milk. These "ice cream" are vegan as well and naturally these don't have gluten as an ingredient. The name of the company is Scoop the Magic. We've tried mint chip and chocolate sea salt and they are both delicious. In all honestly, I actually prefer it over the normal ice cream and they're so easy to scoop right out of the freezer! Most importantly, my lactose intolerant son approves! They are based in San Luis Obispo.
  2. Paleolicious Bread Co. is a great local San Luis Obispo business that focuses on vegan alternatives. We've tried a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie that's vegan that they packaged and it's comparable to the best cookie I've ever had. They also make other creative items like Coconut Bacon, which is vegan but has the smokey flavor like bacon.
  3. Harvestly is a time-saving San Luis Obispo based business that can send you local and fresh vegetables and fruits to your home periodically! I've had a delivery before and it's so convenient. There are also other produce delivery services and they are by local farms like Talley Farms.