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Frustration with Ventana Health in Pismo Beach

Posted by on Thursday, February 14, 2019
I'm so frustrated with Ventana Health in Pismo Beach and I haven't even been seen yet! I was supposed to have an appointment yesterday on Feb. 13th at 10:30AM. They called the day before to confirm my appointment and asked me to come 30 minutes early to fill out some paperwork, even though I had already told them that I had already mailed it back to their office. I arrived around 9:55AM with 2 little ones in tow and the receptionist told me, my "doctor" is out sick and that someone had called me this morning. I looked at my call log. Nope, no missed calls. I was already disappointed at this point. Either they forgot to call me, specifically or something went haywire. There were no voicemails either. The office person lied to me to my face. 

Since I was already there, I told them I can just fill out the paperwork again while I'm here so I can save time on my next trip. I think at this point, they've already received 2 filled out paperwork from me: one from the mail and one in person. I got an email about a log in for "Digital Health" afterwards, which is apparently their network name with Ventana Health. Well, they got my last name wrong on the profile!!! It's imperative that they have my last name right to match my insurance. It's not even a spelling error. They input my middle name as my last name. I just don't understand how they can get this wrong. I filled out 6 different places with my full name on their paperwork and somehow, they still got it wrong. I guess it would be more than 6 places because I filled out all of this paperwork twice. 

Their lack for attention to detail, poor office manners and disdain for time wasted for me and my little ones are so bad, I am considering cancelling my rescheduled first appointment.

I'm so frustrated, I can scream! I called their office this morning to get this fixed and a person picked up outside office hours, which was to my surprise. I told them calmly in my best acting voice that they have the wrong last name in my profile and records and to correct it for insurance purposes and of course, for the right records. It can only be fixed by the office. She sounded bored and I understand she was probably sleepy. I asked her if I should call back and she said "sure, if you want". There was no reassurance that she was going to pass this information down. I felt like my time has been wasted again! It was better off if no one picked up so that I could leave a voicemail for the office. I hate this so much.

I have never had a doctor's office give me so much trouble before. Lord, help me. 

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