(2021 Update: Flagship initially posted that it is temporarily closed until March 31, 2021 but now it may be indefinitely)
Over the weekend, my family and I went to Flagship for the very first time! We've lived in San Luis Obispo County for exactly a year now and it's just recently that we came here! 

Flagship is a seafood restaurant located in Pismo Beach, California (part of San Luis Obispo County). It has phenomenal views of the Pismo Beach Pier and the Shell Beach side as well. Check out these views from our seats.
(view of Pismo Beach pier from inside of Flagship Seafood Restaurant)

(view of Shell Beach from our very same seats)

If you get to sit right by the window, this place could be so memorable for a special lunch or dinner. They had a kid's menu that came with many options. They also have a boat in the middle where guests can sit in but our stroller wasn't going to fit up there so we sat at a booth by the window! It was chosen for us because of our big double side-by-side stroller and our kids were going to continue to sit in it during our lunch.

My husband chose the ahi tuna while I went big and went for the Dungeness crab pot boil!
(Ahi Tuna dish had a good portion)
(my crab boil was 1 lb of Dungeness crab with potatoes and corn in Cajun sauce)

The food was fresh and fantastic! I had four choices for sauce for the crab boil and I picked the original Cajun. It was delicious and I had no regrets!

Flagship has a unique atmosphere and service too. Their operations are efficient and the servers are prompt and friendly. When you are ready to order your food, you put this pirate flag up! That idea entertained the kids.

They also have a bar area and serve specialty cocktails, beer and wine. There were also local options too.

Flagship address: 1601 Price St, Pismo Beach, CA 93449

(Note: This restaurant review and many others are anonymous reviews by SanLuisObispoMom.com. They did not know I was coming and planning on writing a review. I was just a patron coming in to enjoy a nice lunch with my family.)