Located on the same side of the Starbucks on Grand Ave., Dutch Bros is a refreshing alternative for getting coffee. The high-spirited staff will get you excited as you're greeted for ordering coffee with their mobile device! 
picture of Dutch Bros coffee from Arroyo Grande
The lines can get long but there were two lanes when I arrived yesterday in the drive-thru. There were four ladies walking around getting orders so it made the process of ordering so efficient and fast. If you don't know what you're going to order when one of them gets to your vehicle, they will definitely help you. The coffee cup pictured on the left is called the 911 and it has 6 shots of espresso so if you have a weak heart, please beware! Those who need this high caffeinated drink, it is a dream!
Dutch Bros Arroyo Grande SLO
Even before I made it to the window, my drinks were ready and someone walked to my vehicle and handed them to me. I was so impressed with their energy and customer service throughout the whole experience. They have a rewards program you can join with their app. They give you a free welcome drink if you have that app! Address of Dutch Bros. in Arroyo Grande: 1259 E Grand Ave Arroyo Grande, CA 93420