Oceano is a quieter beach town than neighboring Grover Beach and Pismo Beach but it is still part of Pismo State Beach and visitors are catching on to the this little gem in San Luis Obispo County. It is actually where the famous Dunes are located but many visitors would often mistakenly think they're still in Pismo Beach, when in fact, the Oceano Dunes are located well, in Oceano, California.

There's a mix of the old and new. It's trying to change but there is a bit of some hesitation. Now that Covid-19 restrictions have lessen, more locals and visitors are out and about and going to the beach again and making their way to the Oceano Dunes. I like the beach here because it always seems to be easy to find parking. However, you really have to be careful with people driving on the beach once you get to the sand, especially with little ones! It is the last beach area in California where you can pay to drive on the beach. (You can also drive on the beach from Grover Beach and into the Dunes as well. However, this may all change in the very near future.)

However, beach aside, I really want to highlight on the places you can visit as a visitor. I spent a morning with my kiddos there and took some pictures of Oceano's neat places.

Oceano Depot

Oceano Depot is a community museum where you can go inside the visitor's center and get some brochures. There is a bit of a courtyard in the back where you can see some stationed collections. It's a nice place to stretch your legs a bit and learn some history. Oceano Depot Address: 1650 Front St, Oceano, CA 93445

Elk Lodge
Whenever you drive towards Oceano Beach, you'll notice Elk Lodge. I don't think it's actually a place for the public but it's memorable. I see they have events there for fundraisers but it seems like a member-only type of place. However, the building is unique so I took a picture there. They seem to occasionally have public events which I'll need to look into! Elk Lodge Address: 410 Air Park Dr. Oceano, CA 93445

Quintessa Coffee Roasters
Don't let the name fool you. Quintessa Coffee Roasters is also a coffee shop! They have a little courtyard in the back for you to enjoy your coffee and do some reading. I ordered a latte and really enjoyed their coffee! I'll have to come back here again when I'm passing by again. Quintessa Coffee Roasters Address: 1945 Front St., Oceano, CA 93445

Oceano Community Center
I've taken advantage of the Parent Participation program here and they've hosted many free community events for kids at the Oceano Community Center as well. I think it's a really good place to look into for finding free events throughout the year for the kids. It's a pretty building with one main indoor space for activities. Oceano Community Center Address: 1425 19th St, Oceano, CA 93445

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Note: This page will be continually updated. Please check back to see more content on Oceano. See my other blog entries about other beaches in San Luis Obispo.